Monday, 12 September 2016

Unit 78 Digital Graphics - P1

L3 Games Design
Year 1

Unit 78: Digital Graphics in Computer Games

Understand the theory and applications of digital graphics used for computer games

Exercise 1

Artistic Styles

Research at least 4 Artistic Styles as discussed in class.
You must add the following:

1. Name of Artistic Style
2. Explain the type of style.
3. Provide real examples from games, including relevant illustrations and or videos
4. What mood does each style create for player?

Here's a link to the video we watched in class to give you a head start!

Exercise 2

Computer Game Graphics

Research and explain what each of the the following headings are. You can work in pairs and you must use illustrative examples.
You could split the workload and share what you have learnt within your pair.

Pixal Art (2D Sprites, 3D Isometric Sprites)
Concept Art, eg Character, Weapon, Vehicle, Environment
Texture Art
Background Graphics eg Walls, Forests, Clouds
In Game Interface eg Head Up Display - HUD
Print Media

Here are some links which we viewed in class to help.

Group A & B
To be completed and uploaded to your blog 26/09/17

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