Monday, 24 October 2016

L3 Games Design - Year 1
P2 Generating Concept art Ideas for Computer Games

What is a brief?

Exercise 1
In pairs choose a particular game you wish to create. Consider 2D/3D, artistic style, and a basic plot.
Then create a mood board for your particular game.

Exercise 2
Complete the following question/exercise:

What is Concept Art?

Provide Examples from your favourite games and a clear and detailed description of each image.
Create your own concept art sketches using pencil and paper. Once you have drafted your concepts you can develop (add colour, texture etc) them further in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Exercise 3
In pairs or a three explain what the following terms mean. Use videos and illustrations to help enhance your explanations.

Computer Game Graphics
•Print media graphics, such as game poster, game packaging
•In-game graphics (head-up display graphics, sprite graphics, background graphics, image textures)
•Concept art graphics

Graphic Specification
•Client needs
•Thumbnail sketching
•Visual style, eg colour, style, photorealistic, cel-shaded, anime
•Technical considerations, eg file format, file size, optimisation, file naming conventions, asset
management, intended output.

To be uploaded to your blog by Tuesday 31st October

You can use your exercise, research and assignment for P1 - Unit 78 to help.